Welcome to ShenaniganS

ShenaniganS Music Cafe in Second Life

ShenaniganS is a music cafe in Second Life open 24hours a day & 7 days a week with lots of cuddle spots around the club. We’re a friendly British owned club playing popular music from the 1940’s onwards with a regular live music played by some of Second Lifes most popular live artistes.

ShenaniganS is owned & operated by UK based members of the Second Life Community and we welcome visitors from all over the world to the friendliest barn in Second Life.

ShenaniganS Music Cafe

ShenaniganS Music Cafe is a unique experience which everyone is more than welcome to enjoy. The venue plays popular music from the 1940s up to modern-day hits, and has live musicians perform on a regular basis. It also boasts a diverse shopping and gacha area. There’s plenty to explore, including photography opportunities and cozy cuddle spots.

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