Welcome to ShenaniganS

ShenaniganS Music Cafe 7 yrs in Second Life

ShenaniganS Glade re-incarnated

ShenaniganS is owned & operated by UK based members of the Second Life Community and has been in existence for 7 years. We welcome visitors from all over the world to the friendliest barn in Second Life. Be warned though as we don’t do “normal” – our DJ’s don’t play solely Top 40’s or 80’s.

Don’t believe us?

I love it.. very warm and cute looking place, not like many clubs are .. too sterile ones lol

Çяσω Niցђtғire

“We had a great time, we’ll definitely be back, we love it here..and thanks for making us so welcome.”

A Guest

“After 6 years here I can confidently say that Shenanigans is one of the best clubs I have ever experienced on the grid. I’ve DJ’d and attended lots of clubs over the years, but the quality of DJ’s, staff and regulars in there is the best around and I am so glad I stumbled on the place when I was craving good music one night! The whole place and feel is a testament to yours and Mina’s hard work and your tireless efforts to include everyone and keep people encouraged. It’s something I’ve never witnessed in here before to such an extent, so I just wanted to know that your efforts don’t go unnoticed. Very cool.”

Claire Elgund

“Lyndka… what a beautiful club. and surrounding area a credit to you …. <3”

Damien Azemus

“Time to go but we had lots of fun here and we for sure will be back. Have a lovely evening and thanks so much for the great music !”

Fiona Scorfield

“hahaha ty for all the fun there, was lucky to find you, we come back soon. A nice surprise with good people and with corona we forgot a little RL here.”

lov67 Burt

“I happened by your place yesterday to watch your live show. Wow! What a lovely Venue.”

Taj Nishi

“Just a quick note to say I was here on Saturday night with DJs Evan and Apollon and had such a great time. So much fun! Thanks!”


“I’ve never been greeted by so many people on arrival at a club and I was pleasantly taken aback by how friendly everyone was”

A Guest