126. Black Magic.

Black Magic.


Casse lustre . fluffy knit dress at SaNaRae Event
Doe: Maple / No Leaf at Gacha Garden Event
Tentacio Spell Book


::Static:: Autumn Apothecary – 21 Herbalist’s Desk RARE at Gacha Garden Event
::Static:: Autumn Apothecary – 19 Smudge Stick RARE
::Static:: Autumn Apothecary – 17 Natural Salts Bottles
::Static:: Autumn Apothecary – 15 Salts Shelf
::Static:: Autumn Apothecary – 11 Herbalist’s Journal
::Static:: Autumn Apothecary – 08 Wooden Mortar & Pestle
::Static:: Autumn Apothecary – 06 Tonic Bottle Blood
::Static:: Autumn Apothecary – 02 Tonic Bottle Purple
::Static:: Autumn Apothecary – 01 Tonic Bottle Blue

Tentacio heart jar
Tentacio Terror mirror black
Tentacio mug skull black


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