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Lara from Maitreya is out


The ‘thing’ in SL for the 2014 has been mesh avatars – more detail and smoother curves than the traditional AVie mean that many designers have been trying to get a product to market that folk will buy (and wear).

The latest mesh avatar is ‘Lara’ from Maitreya and she looks very nice indeed. There are skins available for her already from Glam Affair and to quote Maitreya “Lara comes with an Alpha HUD, which allows you to wear most of your standard sized mesh clothes in the same size or a size up. By toggling specific parts or entire sections off, it is possible to wear most of the mesh clothing currently available.” click for more

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Adding links to Posts


This is handy to know when posting links to other sites or SLURL’s for LM’s in SL.

Copy then paste the link into your post – it will look something like this…

but can’t click on it 🙁

You need to tell the blog it’s meant to be clickable – so paste the link again, but this time highlight the link then click the link icon

A window will pop up showing your link and a box marked “Title” – type something meaningful in there to describe the link and tick the box to “Open Link in New Window” then click the “Add Link” button and you’re done! click for more

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