Catch it!

I thought that I’d
Catch a buzz, catch a game
Catch up with the boys, the same old thing
Catch a cab back to my place
But then I saw your face
Now you got me tryna
Catch your eye, catch your name
Catch a spark and start a flame
The way you smile and I can’t help myself
Girl, you got me tryna catch my breath
You got me tryna catch my breath, yeah

Catch it IG.jpg

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Flutter By With Fly Buy Friday!

Theme: Discounted items
Featuring: Home & Garden, Women’s Apparel, Men’s Apparel, Accessories, Appliers, Hair, Poses
Event Opening Date: December 6, 2019
Event Closing Date: December 8, 2019
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Never Could Resist Your Smile

In your touch there’s tenderness
A sweet caress that soothes all pain
When I’m lost and feelin’ low
To you I go to rise again

But nothin’ means as much
Nothin’ seems to touch
Your smile
If anything I’d miss
Never could resist
Your smile

Baby, smile
When you smile
My life shines
When you smile
When you smile…

              ~~ Your Smile, Rene’ & Angela


*Spicy* Bodyshop – Classy Lipstick (Genus)
CatWa, Genus, Lelutka, BOM
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.euphoric ~ Seduction Eyes (Genus)
*Spicy* Bodyshop – Romy skin applier (Genus-Medium/Peach)
*Spicy* Bodyshop – Body Add-On
toksik – Lashes (Genus Applier)
GENUS Project – Genus Bento Head CLASSIC Face
Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento/Feet
Elle Boutique – Saffron Rings (No longer available)

Location – Gooseberry Lake

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Should Have Layered

My mum used to always be on at me to wear a singlet under my clothes.  Not like a cool basketball singlet, but just a white cotton one to be worn under clothes to keep the kidneys warm.  Well, that is what my mum said it did anyway.  Today, with this picture, I wish I had listened to her.  I feel very under-dressed for the inclement weather.  But at least I look good!… Read more at the source.