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Nordic Ritual

Swank Event, December Round with it’s theme Winter Wonderland is still running until December,31 st.
Come along and have a look of those amazing creations of HarshLands, reminding us of the Norse Mythology.

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Nordic Ritual Platform – Harshlands    ==> @Swank Event
22 LI – includes 3 different versions: regular, bloody & snowy

Nordic Ritual Altar – Harshlands    ==> @Swank Event
3 LI – includes 3 different versions: regular, bloody & snowy

Portal of Elentirmo – Harshlands    ==> @Swank Event
13 LI – includes 2 different versions: regular & snowy

The Axe in the Stone – Harshlands    ==> @Swank Event
15 LI – includes 3 different versions: regular, bloody & snowy
Chance to obtain the axe by interaction

HarshLands Gift under one of the giant blue Christmas trees at Swank Event is a falling snow addition for your land.… Read more at the source.


“The warrior learns of the spiritual realm by dwelling on the cutting edge of the sword, standing at the edge of the fire pit, venturing right up to the edge of starvation if necessary. Vibrant and intense living is the warrior’s form of worship.”
― Stephen K.

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Catch a perverted Santa!

“Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people only once a year.”
– Victor Borge

Catch a perverted Santa!

Fapple Christmas Fatpack- NEW at the Mainstore! MkP

Fapple -Christmas Trees
Fapple -Mistletoe BDSM Winch- Maledom and Femdom
Fapple -Bondage Santa
Fapple -Dutch Fireplace
Fapple -Pillow Chest and Romance Rug
Fapple -Eggnog Dispenser Tray
Fapple -Jingle Balls Frosty
Fapple -Tree Rug
Fapple -Milk and Cookies
Fapple -Rudolf Bean Bag RARE

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Amias Christmas Sale!

Amias is having a Christmas sale
December 23rd – January 5th
Store Genre: Accessories, Female & Male Clothing
50% off every item (gachas not included)
Teleport to Amias
❀ Christy