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We’re pleased to announce our first live Musician

Rods 1st gig

It gives us great pleasure to announce that beginning on Thursday 19th February, ShenaniganS will play host to our first live musician – Rod Hyx from 11am SLt til noon. We hope you’ll enjoy his style and come to all his shows with us and tip him (and us) heavily.

Rod will be streaming over the parcel so either come dance in the barn or cosy up to someone special in the Glade, our new bit of land or you could just sit at one of the cafe tables and listen. Whichever you choose, we’d love to see you here click for more

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Mesh Bodies 101


Mina’s an inveterate Blog reader when’s she not killing stuff online or sorting her inventory and over the last few weeks she’s been reading a lot about mesh bodies. The other day she came up with a real find – a quick “tutorial” come introduction to wearing a mesh body.

Here’s the article she saw – it’s not a long article  but well written, so if you’re considering a mesh body it would be worth a look. click for more

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DJ Lola returns to Skinny Dip Inn

SDI Logo

Mostly because she’s fed up having to wear her thermals ALL week – Lola is making a return to Skinny Dip Inn (SDI) from February 6th!

She’ll be playing a regular set on the beach each Friday from 12pm til 2pm SLT – so if your AVie wants to feel some sun on their skin – SDI is the place to do it.

Should you decide to come along and support Lola then please remember that SDI has a strict dress code of ‘Naked or Swimwear”. There’s an SLUrl for SDI at the bottom of this post – see you there! click for more

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Lara from Maitreya is out


The ‘thing’ in SL for the 2014 has been mesh avatars – more detail and smoother curves than the traditional AVie mean that many designers have been trying to get a product to market that folk will buy (and wear).

The latest mesh avatar is ‘Lara’ from Maitreya and she looks very nice indeed. There are skins available for her already from Glam Affair and to quote Maitreya “Lara comes with an Alpha HUD, which allows you to wear most of your standard sized mesh clothes in the same size or a size up. By toggling specific parts or entire sections off, it is possible to wear most of the mesh clothing currently available.” click for more

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Trans Siberian Orchestra Tribute Act

Ok – so almost every one remembers the music that was the backing to the viral net video from a few years back for the Christmas light display in the US.

If you don’t know what I’m on about then Google Carson Williams or watch this

Anyway – with not much to do last night – Mina and I went to see a Trans Siberian Orchestrea Tribute act in Second Life – well, the massive stage didnt give a clue to the spectacle that ensued!! With some scripted narrative, music from the actual orchestra and some actually played live by musicians it was the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen in SL – the light show was fab and the choreography of the musicians and performers was heart stopping – we even shed some tears too! click for more

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