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Head: Catwa Catya Head
Body – Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin: Lara Hurley Christy Rose Pale Catwa Applier, Fae Skin, and Body
Hair: Lamb Static  @ FaMESHed

{Clothes and Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All My love Bridal
Dahlia Penelope Necklace @ FaMESHed
Outfit: Scandalize Originals  Valvena  @ FaMESHed

{Set Design}
Jian Ball Python @ FaMESHed

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Mamaa Saiz performs at Tranquil Cafe at 6pm SLT Tonight!

Yes, he’s irreverent; and he’s witty. But he’s also a smooth-as-silk guitarist. He sings in a voice all his own. He’s been charging his way through top Second Life music venues, lighting audiences on fire with his amazing musical variety: from smoky ballads to jazz classics; maybe a little country and western with a tear jerker and a dash of comedy for seasoning.

His acoustic guitar skills are first rate and he sings and plays 100% live with no backing tracks.  He has been influenced by many musicians including Carlos Jobim, Glenn Frye, James Taylor, and more.

“I’ve made a deal with Linda Ronstadt: I don’t play her songs and she don’t play mine. And if I stay 100 feet away I don’t have to go to jail – again.”
                                                                                        – Mamaa Saiz

Performing on July 26th at 6pm SLT

Additional Information:
Mamaa Saiz
Genre:  Acoustic guitar and vocals – timeless songs
Contact Mamaa directly to book a date. Fee: Best Offer + tips


“…he’s tasty. Mamaa knows how to swing and when to drive…He not only treats us to the depth and soul of some of the best music ever written, but he creates a ton of smiles along the way.”                                                         – Traci Nubalo, Metaverse Tribune

This is Mamaa at Tranquil Cafe on 4/13/11

Gillian Galicia wrote a nice article on her blog –

Gold Cazalet wrote a great review on his music blog –


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Click the picture to get a closer view.
Hello , I am back after laying my avi to rest for a short vacation break.
My leave of absence took a little bit longer due to a hectic real life job when I was back at work.
When it comes to my bloggers schedule I am running behind and it will be undoable to do a total catch up.
So I will do what I can to step in line with my to do list.
Oohh yes I had a great vacation, lot of sun and I love Barcalona.

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Midnight Dip

Ever tried swimming in the evening? If the weather is nice, and the atmosphere fits, it feels just great. The moonlight adds a whimsical feel to it, makes you feel relaxed and somewhat like you’re in a dream. Almost magical. I totally recommend it when the time is right and you just need some ‘me time’ to look back on the things you’ve experienced. Plus I find it really sexy.

 Credits :

Home & Garden Stuffs :

.:Bee Designs:. for Cosmopolitan (Jul 17 to 29, 2017) – Hanauma Swimming Pool PG

{what next} – Hanging Lanterns with Post (natural)

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After the Popsicle

When it gets too hot in the summer it feels amazing after having a cold popsicle to refresh. Being in a great location and wearing summer clothes helps too 😛 The dress I am wearing is from Anny’s Fashion and it’s available at the current anniversary round of Hashtag. This is the Penelope Lace Dress, a…

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Second Life – Active Full Viewers – Camury Reporting…

All Second Life users are aware of the official Second Life Viewer, available on the main Second Life Downloads page. However, many Second Life developers, outside of Linden Lab, offer custom Second Life viewers. While Linden Lab does not support third-party viewers, many users choose to use these alternative viewers.

Second Life Viewer official:

What’s important to know is that Linden Lab provides a Third-Party Viewer Policy to promote a positive and predictable experience for all Second Life Residents.

Down below you will see a listing of Third-Party viewers created by developers who have certified that they comply with the Third-Party Viewer Policy.

Viewer – Alchemy
An experimental Second Life™ viewer striving to be at the forefront of stability, performance, and technological advancement in the open-source metaverse viewer field. 

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux.
Viewer – Black Dragon
The primary goal of Black Dragon is to enhance and refine the visuals of Second Life as well as having unique design approaches and features.      

Viewer – Firestorm
The next generation viewer from The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Firestorm is based on the LL V3 LGPL code and offers extensive interface customizability including V1 skin options, feature and option rich with 24/7 support. 

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Viewer – Kokua
Kokua is an open source viewer for Second Life and OpenSim-based virtual worlds. The goal of Kokua is to improve the user interface and usability of the viewer through community involvement, thoughtful design, modern development methods, and a pro-change atmosphere.

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Linux 64bit

Viewer – Catznip
Catznip aims to refine and reinvent your window into Second Life. Our focus is stability, usability, privacy and plenty of new original home grown features. It’s about taking a fresh look at things and attempting to do them better. Catznip is the development viewer for the alternative implementation of the RLV specification. RLVa goes from Catznip into many other TPVs including Firestorm and Phoenix. This is especially useful for script developers as Catznip represents the future of RLVa often months ahead of the mainstream.

Viewer – Restrained Love
The RLV enhances your experience when you use it in conjunction with RLV-compatible objects, which are very common on the SL grid now. It is primarily intended to be used by BDSM fans with BDSM oriented objects in-world, which can restrict the user from detaching items, receiving IMs, hearing chat, teleporting, etc. It can also be useful for totally PG purposes, such as forcing to teleport somewhere (facilitating transport networks), changing the Windlight settings through scripts (helping sim owners), preventing from teleporting out of a maze, etc.

Viewer – Singularity
Singularity strives to combine the beloved look and feel of Viewer 1.23 with the latest and greatest of available technology, and to stay compatible with future Second Life changes and features.       
Platforms: Windows, Linux

The user should be wary of third-party viewers who have declined to self-certify compliance with Linden Lab policies or have been turned down for non-compliance with policies.
Other viewers such as Exodus, Imprudence and UkanDo have not been updated recently enough to be considered fully compatible with current Second Life services. Depending on their use, they may or may not meet your needs.

All viewers described above are projects that are regularly updated to track new developments in the Linden Lab viewer and implement a complete graphical environment. So, if you want to take advantage of all aspects of full viewer functionality, choose one of the viewers listed above and enjoy!
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Press my Buttons

This was something I wanted to put together for a few days. The first time I seen this dress I knew exactly where it was going. Beautifully fitted to the body and seductively cut its what every girl needs in their inventory. Thank You for Viewing ♥

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin: Atelier Pepe – Matilda – Light

Hair: #Foxy – Mondaze Hair (Grayscales)

Hairbase: Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase – SPECIAL EDITION 01


Dress: VARONIS – Natalia Dress for Maitreya Lara @ July Bish Box

On Him

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Swing Low Sweet Chariots: Bento Balls are the new thing in adult male fashion.. Swing by …. and grow a pair.- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

While wandering the grid visiting new club owners I was IM’d by a friend who brought this new  adult trend to my attention. He invited me over for a massage and a closer look.

  Did you know Aeros make animated members as addons for each type of penis they make. Rather than shy away from this very important subject I decided to interview a Bento Ball wearer and see what is so spectacular about having a swingin pair. His name has been changed to avoid stalkers and gawkers.

Lanai Jarrico: Hi.. Bob: can you tell me how you stumbled upon Bento Balls?

Bob: Friend mentioned them in her profile…

Lanai Jarrico: What do you think the major appeal is and how do you like them compared to the stiff sack?

Bob: I did a search on marketplace. There was no demo. So as I already had the Aeros Magnus cock, I took the plunge. They add realism to my sl experience and also are quite a talking point. Even giving massage they gently sway 😉 lol

Lanai Jarrico: Have you put them to use? If so, what was it like?

Bob: During sex they move realistically, add a new dimension to my roleplay.

Lanai Jarrico: I see. Does it come with sound effects?

Bob: No sound that I’m aware off. Althoug a slapping sound would be cool!

Lanai Jarrico: I thought I seen everything in SL and yet after 12 years… this lol. I’m curious how much to they go for?

Bob: 450L

Lanai Jarrico: One last question that Im sure my readers would like to know… What happens when you get too hot or too cold, is their a cuff and hide action or do they swing low?

Bob: Well isn’t it always warm in sl?! They remain low and hung 🙂

Lanai Jarrico: I guess that answers the question on everyone’s mind. Any final thoughts on this new  adult accessory?

Bob: well it completes me. My partner and girlfriends love my new balls. 🙂 outta 10 I give them 11

Aero Island
For discreet shoppers:

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CLUB DRAGONFLY- A New Drama Free Venue on the Grid- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Dragonflies are symbolic of change in perspective, self realization and a deeper meaning of life. In Second Life many changes take place, new ideas are born and they join new people together. Club Dragonfly made its debut on June 10th 2017. It is a warm stress free and welcoming club surrounded by nature and beauitful fountains. Set the atmosphere to midnight and experience how it comes to life.

Owned and Operated by Brit & Sol Kitora, Club Dragonfly is a new hangout for those seeking a peaceful place to spend time with friends. The SL Enquirer met up with Brit and Sol t learn more about this new venue and what it has to offer residents of Second Life.

What inspired Club Dragonfly

Brit- I have been a dj for 4 yrs, and  was with a club over 1.5 yrs, where I dj’d  and helped the  group grow from 100 Vip’s to over 1000, it then closed and along with Sol decided to open Club Dragonfly as a new beginning.

Sol-I’ve been a manager for a couple of clubs, until I met Brit.  With her I helped to do the events and daily running of her previous club. Once we married, our new beginning became the new start for Club Dragonfly

What type of crowd does Club Dragonfly attract?

Everyone is welcome here.  We want a fun club, so bring it on, but leave the drama at home.This is an adult club but we do not allow nudity or child avies unless it’s a special event.

What type of genre do you play?

  All our Dj’s bring a special flavor to the club, We have Dj’s that  play different genres anywhere from Bounce to techno, Electro Swing to  EDM and dance~  There’s also RnB and some Jazz.No two sets are the same.

What type of events can guests expect at Club Dragonfly?

We have give-a-way Saturdays, where each set there is a special item given out. 

 Couple Sundays.  Easy listening day geared towards couples or folks just wanting a nice relaxing set to listen to

 Our big events are always themed and  the last Saturday of the month. We treat our guest with great give a-ways. and a day of fun with set themes.

 Open from Thursday to Monday, sets are from 11 to 7pm SLT. with the exception of Monday (6-8 SLT) Be sure to join the group so you can keep up with our events.

Club Dragonfly’s Grand Opening Fair is coming up on July 29th, can you tell our readers more about it? 

We decided to extend our Grand Opening to the Big Event!  There will be prizes, rides, and special entertainment along with our fabulous Dj”s.

Are you currently hiring?

 Yes. We are hiring Dj’s & Hosts

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

We want everyone to enjoy their time with us!  We care about our Vip’s and hope to make them feel welcome! Everyone is welcome and there is absolutely no harassment allowed

Teleport Now:

Additional information:

Teleport Now:


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Whispering Sands Live Lineup for July 24 – 30


We are ending July with some of the BEST shows on the grid! Below is just a sample of what we have to offer this week. For a full schedule or more information, please check out the website:

♥ Monday – July 24
AleyKat at Ville de Coeur Harbor Square: 1pm – 2pm (Casual)
Jack Slade at The Blarney Stone: 2pm – 3pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at The Lake House: 4pm – 5pm (Casual)
Maxx Sabretooth at Nat’s Jazz Club: 7pm – 8pm (Formal)

♥ Tuesday – July 25
Keeba Tammas at A Touch of Class: 4pm – 5pm (Casual)
Agatha at Classic rock Cafe: 5pm – 6pm (Casual)
DirtyDee Sweetwater at Seaside Lounge: 6pm – 7pm (Casual)
Gina Stella at Heart’s Desire: 7pm – 8pm (Casual)

♥ Wednesday – July 26
Trey Reign at Jagged Edge: 4pm – 5pm (Casual)
Quartz at Panorama: 5pm – 6pm (Casual)
Maximillion Kleene at Seaside Lounge: 6pm – 7pm (Casual)
Liam Wakeman at Seaside Lounge: 7pm – 8pm (Casual)

♥ Thursday – July 27
Sassy Nitely at After Dark: 7pm – 8pm (Casual)
Liam Wakeman at After Dark: 8pm – 9pm (Casual)
Phi Mayo at The Cellar Jazz Club: 7pm – 8pm (Smart casual)
Savannah Rain at Acoustic Cave: 8pm – 9pm (Casual)

♥ Friday – July 28
Zachh Cale debuts at Twilight Taven: 4pm – 5pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at Georgia Classic Rock Cafe: 6pm – 7pm (Casual)
Essence Bilasimo at Seaside Lounge: 8pm – 9pm (Casual)
Toxie Darkmatter at Devil’s Roost: 8pm – 9pm (Casual)

♥ Saturday – July 29
Maximillion Kleene at Katja’s Etopia: 1pm – 2pm (Casual)
Maxx Sabretooth at Endeavour Cove: 5pm – 6pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at Wildcat Country: 6pm – 7pm (Casual)
Raven at Controlled Chaos: 7pm – 8pm (Casual)

♥ Sunday – July 30
Jack Slade at Frisky Beaver Beach Club: 11am – 12pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at Mango Yacht Club: 1pm – 2pm (Casual)
Greg Kat at The Stage in Nashville: 4pm – 5pm (Casual)
Zachh Cale at Seaside Lounge: 4pm – 5pm (Casual)

For all you SL LIVE MUSIC needs contact  Jorrdan Jarman: jarman/
See you at the show! xoxo

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