Day of thanks

We were due to hold OMGoshigans in July and I’d been in two minds about it after the farting about last year to cash out the donations. I’ve talked it over with Lola and Mina and in light of the last few months it seems to right to cancel this years event.

There’s always been a “level” of embarrassment amongst folks that they can’t attend because they don’t have the money in RL to donate (and so they would be seen as liggers if they did turn up) & I suspect that this year, those ranks will be swelled.

So this year – instead, we’re going to have a (25th July) where we put together a condensed programme of musicians, singers & DJ’s starting about 6am SLt (2pm UK time) til about 4pm SLt (midnight UK) with a theme of friendship & wellbeing? It would be a time to celebrate the end of the darkness (hopefully) and the return of what passes for normality.

There’d be no pressure of donations or tips – ShenaniganS will provide a stream for those folks who want to join in but don’t have one (so if you haven’t played or sung for a while but would like to – you can…).

The schedule so far looks like this….