Harry Hargreaves first show @ Shenanigans

It’s never an easy thing to do – follow another act onstage and do your ‘thing’ and even more difficult when it’s your first show at a new venue but last night Harry Hargreaves pulled it off admirably.

Harry HargreavesHarry’s “mission” was to follow Rod Hyx on stage and entertain the crowd that Rod usually attracts – from the first notes of the opening song drifting acrosss the stream it became apparent we were in for an evening of soul. Harry played a surprisingly varied menu of songs and didn’t stick with the well known ‘classics’ – he delved in to Northern Soul and played a couple of numbers by Wigan’s Ovation (have a click if you’ve not heard the name – it’s worth a listen).

For me – soul doesn’t usually do much for me but last night Harry had me hooked and I think he’d done the same for the rest of the audience at ShenaniganS too – he was heard to remark at one point that “No one’s making requests…” – well no Harry we weren’t as you’d got it all covered.

As a DJ he doesn’t talk much between tracks – the music speaks for him and when he does speak, his delivery is polished and (dare I say) professional. So engrossed was I in the music that I forgot to take some pictures to post – yep – he was that good!

Harry is playing a weekly set at ShenaniganS – keep an eye on your group notices for the dates or check out the calendar above but whatever else you do – try and make it to at least one of Harry’s shows – you won’t begrudge the time!

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