Help Me Decorate Xmas


Gimme Gacha Imaginarium
1 RARE Art&KO – New Year’s – Red top (Maitreya)
2 RARE Art&KO – New Year’s  – Red skirt (Maitreya)
3 RARE Art&KO – New Year’s  – Red shoes (Maitreya)
7 Art&KO – New Year’s  – Red hat
VENGE – Christmas Bow Collar
VENGE – Christmas Bulb Earrings  – Gold & Red
VENGE– Christmas Bulb Necklace – Gold & Red
~The Green Door~ Christmas Tree – Green w Rainbow Lights & Base
~The Green Door~ Decorated Tree w skirt & topper
~The Green Door~ Various Ornaments
~The Green Door~  Christmas Stocking 1,2,3,4
~The Green Door~  Lamp – Christmas 1,2
~The Green Door~  Pine Wreath – White/Green/Green Frosted
Bentley’s Bunnies-Christmas #2 Rudolph Bunny RARE!-B
3rd Eye_ First Snow 7 Music Box ( Sled )
3rd Eye_ First Snow 9 Music Box ( Ginger House )
3rd Eye_ First Snow 2 Music Box ( Lantern )
1.Dreamland Designs Holiday Couch RARE
2.Dreamland Designs Shabby Plywood Christmas Tree RARE
3.Dreamland Designs Snowy Blinking Christmas Wreath Rare
5.Dreamland Designs Shabby Holiday Rug
7.Dreamland Designs Shabby Holiday Butler
8.Dreamland Designs Holiday Cookie Tray
9.Dreamland Designs Candy Cane Pitcher
10. Dreamland Designs Holiday Muffins Stand
11.Dreamland Designs Shabby Christmas Desk Chair
12.Dreamland Designs Shabby Christmas Desk
13.Dreamland Designs Shabby Christmas Desk Lamp
14.Dreamland Designs Christmas Giftbox Set
15.Dreamland Designs Christmas Card Set

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