Lara from Maitreya is out

The ‘thing’ in SL for the 2014 has been mesh avatars – more detail and smoother curves than the traditional AVie mean that many designers have been trying to get a product to market that folk will buy (and wear).



The latest mesh avatar is ‘Lara’ from Maitreya and she looks very nice indeed. There are skins available for her already from Glam Affair and to quote Maitreya “Lara comes with an Alpha HUD, which allows you to wear most of your standard sized mesh clothes in the same size or a size up. By toggling specific parts or entire sections off, it is possible to wear most of the mesh clothing currently available.”

They seem to have gone out of their way to produce a body that works for everyone and doesn’t lock you in to them – Lara also supports Omega Appliers – there’s been lots of those starting to appear around the grid over the last couple of months too.

Being a mesh AVie – Lara isn’t cheap at L$2750 but first impressions mean that this is the one I’d probably consider.

There’s a free demo you can try on – it comes with 4 shapes which are ‘MOD’ in the version you buy so that you can tweak the shape to suit you – the demo is just inside the door at Maitreya Island…

3 thoughts on “Lara from Maitreya is out

  1. I have to say – I’ve had a bit more of a play with Lara (*grins*) and I’m impressed – I got a close match for my own skin using the HUD and the detail on the body is fabulous (just look around the collar bone if you try one!).

    I have a horrible feeling that my Birthday treat for Lynd could be a Mesh AVie 🙂

  2. An added little bonus too. If you join the Maitreya VIP inworld group (it’s free to join) you will receive 3 pairs of shoes for FREE that are made to fit this body.

  3. Mina lashed out and bought herself ‘Lara’ and so far she’s enjoying it (I think) – hopefully she’ll write some more soon!

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