OMGoshigans Donations Kiosks in world

We’ve received the last portion of the money via the Linden Lab process credit procedure and I’ve paid it this morning to JustGiving. With the attendant fees for processing and the currency exchange internal to the processing by the Labs – our total raised this year is £729.64 which is £144 more than in 2017.


Showing the 2018 donation total for OMGoshigans fundraiser for Great Ormond Street Hospital


Thank you everyone that donated, gave time, talent & venues to make this years event work far beyond what I expected.

We are attracting lots of curiosity around Second Life too and we think our next step is try and make the event ‘standalone’ so it doesn’t depend on Sally to do all the admin work. We’ll be looking to recruit a small army in the autumn – hopefully so we could do something for Christmas too, be on the lookout for a Notecard from Sally!

We’re sort of thinking of July 27th 2019 for next year…

Thank you all once more!