Romantic Privacy… in Bed

Romantic Privacy... in Bed

Although I certainly knew it before, one thing that has definitely literally been driven home for me this month is how many gorgeous beds there are out there.  I could very happily spend quite a bit of time bedhopping, looking at the gorgeous styling, rotating all the textures, and sampling the animations. In fact, I’ll confess right here that that is exactly what I’ve done lol, and what I show here in my blog are the ones that are my personal favorites, shown in the way that I personally prefer, based on the space that I have.  And that’s important… EVERYONE’S taste is different.  You may love a set a set I show, but prefer a white bed… read the details.  Just about every bed I show has texture change built in, which you can usually play with at the in-world display, as well as see all the coordinated pieces that are available.  Beds are some of the most fun shopping you’ll have, especially with sets like this which have given as much attention to the solo sits as the couple… great fun!  Happy shopping!

EVHAH – Boracay Bedroom Set, truly a dreamlike bed with its curves & lots of candles, that just says ROMANCE. The headboard makes me think of antlers, which is perfect for my mountain log home, but with the hanging fabric as well as a round top curtain (not shown, since it doesn’t really fit indoors), this bed is equally perfect outdoors in a beach or tropical setting.  Includes 9 texture changes for all the fabrics, & is loaded with animations for singles & couples, cuddles & adult.  The hanging fabric not only adds to the beauty of the bed, but it also provides a sense of seclusion & privacy no matter where you are.  And did I mention all the candles? Being indoors, I didn’t use the little ones that are designed for scattering around the floor, but there are still plenty… soooo romantic! EXCLUSIVELY available at the January Swank Event, January 7th – 31st.  The set includes lots of other pieces; here’s what I’ve shown:

  • Boracay Bed (includes the rug)
  • Boracay Table
  • Boracay Octagon Lamp
  • Boracay Lamp
  • Boracay Curtain (on the door)
  • Boracay Branches

Here’s what I didn’t show:

  • Boracay Curtain Round
  • Boracay Vase
  • Boracay Deco Wall
  • Boracay Divider
  • Boracay Centerpiece
  • Boracay Candle

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