Santa’s Soldier by Jake Vos

‘Twas the night before christmas
in a war over seas
a soldier said a prayer
by his bed on his knees

He said ‘I don’t wanna be here
but I can not leave
Lord please let my family
have a great christmas eve’

This soldier I speak of
Will Have Christmas alone
all that he has
is a package from home

Inside of the package
was a great surprise
it was a picture of his family
he wiped the tears from his eyes

His wife left a note that said
we are all alone
the kids miss their daddy
please hurry back home

his six year old daughter
gave a teddybear to her dad
along with a note
that said this will help when you’re sad

The soldier picked up his gun
and went back out to work
and then he noticed a kid
that looked like he was hurt

the soldier said
‘What’s the matter kid, what is your bother? ‘
the kid responded by saying
‘They just shot my father.’

The soldier said
‘I’ve got something for you, to make you less sad’
Then he pulled out a teadybear and said
let this remind you of your dad

The soldier went on his way
to continue to fight
and said ‘Merry Christmas to all
and to all a good night’

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