Dj Cort owner of Crazy Diamondz plays Wednesdays

Cort gets foxy

More guests are visiting the cafe and remarking how lovely the build is at ShenaniganS and are hanging around to enjoy the ambience and music.

One of our first visitors as we completed the build was our friend Cort who owns Crazy Diamondz (the venue where we’ve played our weekly shows since before last Christmas).

Cort has been DJ’ing some sessions at her own club as a ‘fill in’ and when we asked her to do a session for us – she nearly fell off her chair in shock!

Like all good idea’s though – it took root and eventually blossomed, so this week she said “Yes!” and has agreed to do a session each Wednesday from 12 til 2pm SLT (or from 8pm til 10pm UK time) and will also bring with her from Crazy’s, her friend and host Evan. click for more

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