GeekSpeak – drugs: legalise them! Or not? Join the discussion Saturday August 5th at 12pm SLT

This week we will talk about drugs.  Some countries allow them, some countries fight them.  Some impose the death penalty for dealing in them.

Should some drugs be made legal?  Are there some that should always remain illegal?  Maybe you think there are some drugs that are now legal but should become illegal.

Would society be better or worse if drugs were legalised?  Is it even possible to keep drugs illegal if enough people want them?  Prohibition was a disaster in America and simply led to a huge increase in crime and more drinking.  Would legal drugs lead to everyone becoming addicted?  Or would drugs fade away because they were not cool anymore?

Should we keep drugs illegal for the sake of everyone’s health?  Then again, are there drugs that should be legalised for medical reasons?

Smoke that spliff and join us to talk on a high level.

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GeekSpeak SL – Computers as Artists. Join the discussion on July 22nd at 12pm SLT

Can a computer make a work of art?  The Deep Dream program produces beautiful pictures in collaboration with human artists.  Could AI ever produce art on its own?  If it did, would you call it art?  Or is art, by definition, something that only humans can produce?

Maybe a computer could make a work of art but could it make an intellectual shift in art to produce something completely new and unique, a new style, maybe a new form of art?  Of course, not many humans can do that.

Will art, the ‘last bastion of humanity’, be taken over by computers?  Or is there a domain that will always be the realm of humans only?  If computers can be artists what will we do to feel human?  What will we need to do to achieve greatness in 2050?  What will be the point of having humans on Earth?

Get ready for AI artists in GeekSpeak.– computers as artists

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GeekSpeak – Venus Project, future paradise or total fantasy? Join the Discussion Saturday July 15th at 12pm SLT

Does the Venus Project have any merit?  Is a resource based economy possible?  Jacque Fresco dreamed of a world in which all goods and services would be available to everyone who needed them, a world without money or credit.

Some say that if our current system collapses Fresco’s dream is the only alternative.  Do you agree?  Can you see other alternatives?

Is it possible for a resource based economy to be maintained without a dictatorship?  Is it a recipe for an Orwellian nightmare world?  Is human nature compatible with such a system or will humans, if free, naturally rebel against it?  Is a resource based economy even possible?  How would it work?

Join us in GeekSpeak if you want to know if your future job will pay you in dollars or gold or chewing gum or if you will find yourself working for nothing.

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