BREAKING NEWS! IT’S HALLOWEEN! Tights is the trending new costume for men in Second Life… Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Is that Peter Pan…. a pirate?…. perhaps a drag queen?…. No wait! It’s just a man in tights!
Have no fear Second Life residents, male ballerinas are not swan dancing across the grid to demasculinize an entire community this Halloween.  So,  let’s not jump to any conclusions.  Most  tight pants wearing men are happily married or involved with the opposite sex. Today is no different.
They fear not a feminine twist to their ensembles because they give zero fux what others think of them, especially on Halloween. But they ought to worry about the severe chafing, heat rashes, in particular in the grundle area, and other  SL health problems associated with fabrics that are to tight or abrasive.

 This is news worth reporting in a dying virtual community of minimalists who waddle the grid in search of freebies, sugar daddies, drama or meaningless sloppy sex in an unmeshed body.  This year, they are getting rid of the superhero capes and going to the extreme.
The whole  idea of tights is a way for men to show off their junk without really whipping it out and getting banned from the more uptight venues on the grid. Whatever the reason for the sudden Halloween trend, men across the grid are practicing tighism with pride and partying like nobody’s business.

The SL Enquirer was on the scene at one Halloween party when one mesh avie split his spray painted on jeggins whilst attempting a black flip split at the “Rock that Bod” Dance off Spectacular. He won the grand prize of 50 lindens and a gift certificate to a local clothing store.

 Another man complained of circulation issues surrounding his twig and berries while doing the electric slide while  another brave man did the running man to display his extra flexible pleather physics addition.

One party goer who wished to remain anonymous suggested it was a form of  effective male birth control before getting backhanded by his visibly pregnant girlfriend.
Another comment came from the restroom area. The voice sounded very similar to Mickey Mouse struggling to pulls his tights back up from a potty break.

At the exit a man was seen being escorted out of the club by three bouncers because he displayed a grotesquely lopsided cameltoe.
Rumor has it he was concealing a rubber chicken in his pants and threatening to cock slap the bartender.

The night quickly came to an end when a fist fight broke out between three females dressed like washed up Pussycat dolls who had a disagreement about the assortment of patterns being displayed by the men in tights.

Things are really heating up for Halloween and getting out of control.
Keep a close watch and you will see just how extremely sexy or obscenely horrific the men in tights look at your Halloween part as they strut on by in all their glory.

Be sure to drop to your knees and praise them either way. Let them know the SL Enquirer fully supports the movement or lack thereof. We know it is an acquired taste but we believe in short time, they will hang up the tights for business suits and redeem themselves of the “WTF was I thinking” moment they had in Second Life for Halloween.

This article is ridiculous and for shameless entertainment purposes only.  

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Trick or Treat Box 2017

This box is no trick and contains only the most fabulous Halloween treats.  
This designer box is jam-packed with the most delightful Halloween goodies.  It is presented along similar lines to subscription boxes. However, the best thing about this box is that no subscription is necessary.  It’s readily available on the Marketplace for the bargain price of L$500.  Delivery is immediate.   All items in the box are 100% original mesh and are for female avatars.

DESIGNERS: Narcisse, Mello, Pink Cream Pie, Love, PAN, Candle and Cauldron! (6 Designer Items + 2 Bonus Gifts)

Watch Unboxing Videos & Photos:  

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It’s Halloween time in Second Life – Camury Reporting…

Halloween is coming, look for all sorts of tricks and treats in all the dark corner and haunted places of Second Life.  As soon as October arrives, ghosts, witches, bats, and other creatures of the darkness will be among us, to entertain or to scare us in this new season.

Take a tour on Second Life and visit many haunted houses, Halloween themed events, and many other spooky places are waiting for you.

Here are some spine-chilling spots for you to check out.


Do you want a sim full of fun and jump scares? Visit Halloweentown. The little village is full of Halloween decor, gifts and gachas. Enjoying a carriage ride and cross the river to explore a scary graveyard. Take a tour of the haunted mansion but be aware of the monsters lurking in the shadows among the trees.

Spook-tacular Halloween Town

 Welcome to the spookiest Halloween trail in SL. Have fun in the haunted boat ride and if you make it to the end, manage to survive in the cave and be careful to don’t get lost in the corn maze. There are traps and fun stuff along the trail and, if you made out alive, don’t forget to visit the haunted house!
The House That Fear Built

Think twice before stepping through the door of this haunted house even though you’re going to do it anyway. You need to find out what lays beyond the door if you dare! Be aware of the secret passages that may take you to macabre places that you can explore if you’re not weak at heart. WARNING: This is not your grandmas’ haunted house. If you’re looking for pumpkins and candy, then this is not the place to find it.

ShenaniganS Haunted House

Join in the fun with yet another themed plot created by Blublaize and his partner Purr.  Come and explore the haunted house or dance in the deserted cemetery – is it deserted though. Have fun with ghosts and ghouls that are ready and waiting to celebrate another Halloween with you. Open through November 5.

Skeleton House – Halloween Store

Join the zombies and skeletons who enjoy moonlit nights at the Skeleton House.  Be careful while you walk around the old haunted house and visit the cemetery if you dare! There are spooky corners, and watchful shadows waiting for those who dare to venture into the mysteries of the full moon in this sim that is pure fun for this Halloween.

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The Misfit Halloween Spooktacular 2017 – Dance Show! – Oct. 16th at 7pm SLT

Misfit Dance & Performance Art presents:
     The Misfit Halloween Spooktacular 2017
                 ~  a Showcase of Spooky Theater Dance Art
This is the 1st of a total of 10 performances of this fun filled show throughout October!
Showtime  is 7 pm SL  —   Pre-show “Spooky Tunes” music begins at 6:30 pm SL –  Come join the fun!  
Misfit Dance & Performance Art is super spooked ( wait — we mean STOKED !)  to bring you this special show.    
A Full Production,  1 hour Spooktacular dance event that will rattle your bones.  (Fun & Funny Bones that is)
                                 **Think Broadway in Second Life with a spooky twist and Expect the unExpected!**
  *** See it once — See it all ten times if you dare!  Mark your calender and set your watches – it’s a ton of fun for a super important cause! ***
After the show stick around for our 30 minute set of  ” Audience Group Dancing starring YOU! ” which will include fun props and amazing special effects!
Please arrive early to guarantee your seat and to allow your viewer & PC to pre-load our graphics, animations & costumes so that the show will be in sync and fully rezzed for you.
Teleport link to the theater :
Contact JenzZa Misfit for further information
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Ghosts & Ghouls come out to play!

Halloween ShenaniganS It’s that time of year once more and ShenaniganS will be no no different in celebrating “All Hallows Eve” and as this will be our very first – we’re going to make it special. [pullquote] Halloween The night is dark and the goblins are out, and the witches and black cats are prowling about. And costumed creatures the strangest I’ve seen, are knocking on doors ’cause tonight’s Halloween! [/pullquote] We’ve rezzed a “haunted ballroom” skybox and the fun starts […]

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