A Party for Doc

Doc Dances

Wednesday 18th March

It was with much sadness that we learnt of the passing last Friday of DocRedWater – known to us simply as ‘Doc’.

Various venues across the grid will he holding some celebrations of his life and we’d like to be one of them.  On Sunday 22nd March (from 12 til 2pm Slt) The Lola & Lyndka show at ShenaniganS will have a 50’s music theme in honour of Doc – if you’re lucky to own one of Docs hats then please wear it or wear something that you feel Doc would have found ‘appropriate’. click for more

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Santa’s Soldier by Jake Vos

‘Twas the night before christmas
in a war over seas
a soldier said a prayer
by his bed on his knees

He said ‘I don’t wanna be here
but I can not leave
Lord please let my family
have a great christmas eve’

This soldier I speak of
Will Have Christmas alone
all that he has
is a package from home

Inside of the package
was a great surprise
it was a picture of his family
he wiped the tears from his eyes

His wife left a note that said
we are all alone
the kids miss their daddy
please hurry back home click for more

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