Mamaa Saiz performs at Tranquil Cafe at 6pm SLT Tonight!

Yes, he’s irreverent; and he’s witty. But he’s also a smooth-as-silk guitarist. He sings in a voice all his own. He’s been charging his way through top Second Life music venues, lighting audiences on fire with his amazing musical variety: from smoky ballads to jazz classics; maybe a little country and western with a tear jerker and a dash of comedy for seasoning.

His acoustic guitar skills are first rate and he sings and plays 100% live with no backing tracks.  He has been influenced by many musicians including Carlos Jobim, Glenn Frye, James Taylor, and more.

“I’ve made a deal with Linda Ronstadt: I don’t play her songs and she don’t play mine. And if I stay 100 feet away I don’t have to go to jail – again.”
                                                                                        – Mamaa Saiz

Performing on July 26th at 6pm SLT

Additional Information:
Mamaa Saiz
Genre:  Acoustic guitar and vocals – timeless songs
Contact Mamaa directly to book a date. Fee: Best Offer + tips


“…he’s tasty. Mamaa knows how to swing and when to drive…He not only treats us to the depth and soul of some of the best music ever written, but he creates a ton of smiles along the way.”                                                         – Traci Nubalo, Metaverse Tribune

This is Mamaa at Tranquil Cafe on 4/13/11

Gillian Galicia wrote a nice article on her blog –

Gold Cazalet wrote a great review on his music blog –


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Showtime Magazine

It’s always tricky getting folks outside of SL to know about music events and stuff so it was like a breath of fresh air to come across Showtime magazine. We decided it might be worth supporting the venture with an advert for our little asylum and no sooner had we enquired than the owner/editor Samual was in the barn looking round! He caught us just as Mamaa Saiz was starting to play – so he hung around and wrote us […]

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Showtime Magazine for Second Life

We’ve added a kiosk for Showtime Magazine to the landing point – it gives a free gift and adds you to the magazines newsletter. For a glimpse at what the magazine does then hop over to their website for a quick look – it’s here. Showtime was created by numerous people in the entertainment industry to promote various activities around Second Life and more! They recently merged with MOVE! Magazine to form their current large format online Entertainment HUB. ShowTime journalists […]

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Three Musicians – one day

It’s not too often that everything falls in to place on our calendar but this next week is one of them! Thursday 17th September sees us hosting 3 live musicians in the barn – Gandalf Mornington who’s playing his first show with us to see whether he likes us and he’ll be followed by two of our classic’s – Mamaa Saiz and Chip Takacs. Chip’s just returned after a break over the summer  but as he says [pullquote] I like your […]

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Music Lands in SL

Music Lands in SL is a new initiative to promote live and DJ’d music at small venues like ShenaniganS in SL – you’ve probably seen the group joiner outside the barn. The hope is that a handful of venues will join together to cross promote music happening at their venue and the other members. Membership is open to anyone who likes to listen to music in Second Life – venues that wish to join Musics Lands to promote themselves don’t […]

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“Four for Thursday” leads to “Flirting Friday” with Simon

It’s been a funny old week at ShenaniganS – “Four for Thursday” went incredibly well – we had 60 visitors to the cafe!! When I arrived there were 25 guests enjoying Mamaa Saiz and Lola said that Kai Flagon had attracted even more – we’re just trying to find some way now of fittting Kai in to the schedule – the start of the week works best for her, we might have to do some juggling! Dje Atolia was well […]

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Mamaa plays to a packed house at his first Show at ShenaniganS

Thursday 5th March 2015 – ShenaniganS When we opened the Cafe first of all – we made a small wish list of folk we wanted to see performing there as DJ’s or musicians – once we crossed off the one’s we couldnt physically fit on the parcel we were faced with a very short list. Toward the top of that list was Mamaa Saiz – Lola and I knew him from years ago when she owned Timeless and Mina always […]

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Mamaa Saiz plays live Thursday 5th March

We first met Mamaa when Lola ran Timeless and since then our paths have crossed numerous times. Mamaa is still as smooth as when we first remember him and his act is one you’ll not forget in a hurry. [pullquote]”I’ve made a deal with Linda Ronstadt: I don’t play her songs and she don’t play mine. And if I stay 100 feet away I don’t have to go to jail – again.”[/pullquote] Yes, he’s irreverent and he’s witty nut he’s […]

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