Mamaa Saiz performs at Tranquil Cafe at 6pm SLT Tonight!

Yes, he’s irreverent; and he’s witty. But he’s also a smooth-as-silk guitarist. He sings in a voice all his own. He’s been charging his way through top Second Life music venues, lighting audiences on fire with his amazing musical variety: from smoky ballads to jazz classics; maybe a little country and western with a tear jerker and a dash of comedy for seasoning.

His acoustic guitar skills are first rate and he sings and plays 100% live with no backing tracks.  He has been influenced by many musicians including Carlos Jobim, Glenn Frye, James Taylor, and more.

“I’ve made a deal with Linda Ronstadt: I don’t play her songs and she don’t play mine. And if I stay 100 feet away I don’t have to go to jail – again.”
                                                                                        – Mamaa Saiz

Performing on July 26th at 6pm SLT

Additional Information:
Mamaa Saiz
Genre:  Acoustic guitar and vocals – timeless songs
Contact Mamaa directly to book a date. Fee: Best Offer + tips


“…he’s tasty. Mamaa knows how to swing and when to drive…He not only treats us to the depth and soul of some of the best music ever written, but he creates a ton of smiles along the way.”                                                         – Traci Nubalo, Metaverse Tribune

This is Mamaa at Tranquil Cafe on 4/13/11

Gillian Galicia wrote a nice article on her blog –

Gold Cazalet wrote a great review on his music blog –


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Whispering Sands Live Lineup for July 24 – 30


We are ending July with some of the BEST shows on the grid! Below is just a sample of what we have to offer this week. For a full schedule or more information, please check out the website:

♥ Monday – July 24
AleyKat at Ville de Coeur Harbor Square: 1pm – 2pm (Casual)
Jack Slade at The Blarney Stone: 2pm – 3pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at The Lake House: 4pm – 5pm (Casual)
Maxx Sabretooth at Nat’s Jazz Club: 7pm – 8pm (Formal)

♥ Tuesday – July 25
Keeba Tammas at A Touch of Class: 4pm – 5pm (Casual)
Agatha at Classic rock Cafe: 5pm – 6pm (Casual)
DirtyDee Sweetwater at Seaside Lounge: 6pm – 7pm (Casual)
Gina Stella at Heart’s Desire: 7pm – 8pm (Casual)

♥ Wednesday – July 26
Trey Reign at Jagged Edge: 4pm – 5pm (Casual)
Quartz at Panorama: 5pm – 6pm (Casual)
Maximillion Kleene at Seaside Lounge: 6pm – 7pm (Casual)
Liam Wakeman at Seaside Lounge: 7pm – 8pm (Casual)

♥ Thursday – July 27
Sassy Nitely at After Dark: 7pm – 8pm (Casual)
Liam Wakeman at After Dark: 8pm – 9pm (Casual)
Phi Mayo at The Cellar Jazz Club: 7pm – 8pm (Smart casual)
Savannah Rain at Acoustic Cave: 8pm – 9pm (Casual)

♥ Friday – July 28
Zachh Cale debuts at Twilight Taven: 4pm – 5pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at Georgia Classic Rock Cafe: 6pm – 7pm (Casual)
Essence Bilasimo at Seaside Lounge: 8pm – 9pm (Casual)
Toxie Darkmatter at Devil’s Roost: 8pm – 9pm (Casual)

♥ Saturday – July 29
Maximillion Kleene at Katja’s Etopia: 1pm – 2pm (Casual)
Maxx Sabretooth at Endeavour Cove: 5pm – 6pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at Wildcat Country: 6pm – 7pm (Casual)
Raven at Controlled Chaos: 7pm – 8pm (Casual)

♥ Sunday – July 30
Jack Slade at Frisky Beaver Beach Club: 11am – 12pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at Mango Yacht Club: 1pm – 2pm (Casual)
Greg Kat at The Stage in Nashville: 4pm – 5pm (Casual)
Zachh Cale at Seaside Lounge: 4pm – 5pm (Casual)

For all you SL LIVE MUSIC needs contact  Jorrdan Jarman: jarman/
See you at the show! xoxo

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GeekSpeak SL – Computers as Artists. Join the discussion on July 22nd at 12pm SLT

Can a computer make a work of art?  The Deep Dream program produces beautiful pictures in collaboration with human artists.  Could AI ever produce art on its own?  If it did, would you call it art?  Or is art, by definition, something that only humans can produce?

Maybe a computer could make a work of art but could it make an intellectual shift in art to produce something completely new and unique, a new style, maybe a new form of art?  Of course, not many humans can do that.

Will art, the ‘last bastion of humanity’, be taken over by computers?  Or is there a domain that will always be the realm of humans only?  If computers can be artists what will we do to feel human?  What will we need to do to achieve greatness in 2050?  What will be the point of having humans on Earth?

Get ready for AI artists in GeekSpeak.– computers as artists

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