GeekSpeak – in which country do you want to be living in 10 years? Join the discussion Dec. 2 at 12pm SLT

The world is changing rapidly.  The standard of living is rising in some parts of the world and falling in others. In 10 years an oasis could become a wasteland, a desert could become agricultural land.  Rich countries could become poor and unstable; corrupt war-torn countries could become peaceful democracies.

Changes in technology will also make a difference.  New sources of energy, such as solar energy, will change the distribution of money in the world.  Other technology, such as driverless cars, will make all countries similar.

If you were a ‘digital nomad’ and could work anywhere in the world you wanted to work, which country would you choose?  Do you think about moving to another country now?  Or will you stay where you are whatever happens?

Come and discuss international living at GeekSpeak.  Bring your passport, visa not needed

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GeekSpeak – AI in the near future- Join the discussion Oct 7th at 12pm SLT

How do you think AI will change the world in the next ten years?  Factories have already been taken over by robots and recently a field of barley was grown in England with no human involved; all the work was done by robots.  Soon perhaps accountants, doctors, musicians, scientists will all be robots.  Will there be any middle-class jobs left?  Will there be any jobs left for humans at all?

Will the experiences of daily life change or will AI slowly grow in back offices without our realising that it is happening?  Or will AI be in everyone’s phone?  Will there be 2 more branches on the human tree, homo androidus and homo iphonetus?

When the world is run by AI will it be harder or easier to make friends with other humans?  In Japan there are people who have no real human contact at all.  Will that spread everywhere?

Come and talk to us about the next 10 years in AI.  Turn off your phone so that it cannot hear us whisper…

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GeekSpeak SL – Computers as Artists. Join the discussion on July 22nd at 12pm SLT

Can a computer make a work of art?  The Deep Dream program produces beautiful pictures in collaboration with human artists.  Could AI ever produce art on its own?  If it did, would you call it art?  Or is art, by definition, something that only humans can produce?

Maybe a computer could make a work of art but could it make an intellectual shift in art to produce something completely new and unique, a new style, maybe a new form of art?  Of course, not many humans can do that.

Will art, the ‘last bastion of humanity’, be taken over by computers?  Or is there a domain that will always be the realm of humans only?  If computers can be artists what will we do to feel human?  What will we need to do to achieve greatness in 2050?  What will be the point of having humans on Earth?

Get ready for AI artists in GeekSpeak.– computers as artists

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