Mystic Academy : Twin Flames – Seersha Heart Reporting…

            Mystic Academy was founded in 2006 by SL resident Dragon Flow [dragon.shichiroji]. Nine years later after a period of dormancy, in 2015 he met his loving partner Venus [venus.kaur]  and out of their joint energy they redefined  and restarted the academy with a fresh start.

By now Mystic Academy maintains the largest spiritual community on the grid.  

This group celebrates diversity walking that careful line between different people and different beliefs.  I first learned of Mystic when I attended a class there on meditation.  They have several classes.  I first began my conversation with Dragon about those classes.

“Yes, we do, you can see an example of our monthly calendar and upcoming messages on:  “tells Dragon.  In fact, Dragon said that the Academy is actively interested in anyone interested in volunteering time.  They have several open spots.  IM Dragon or Venus to get the latest application.  If you have been to Mystic, drop by the library and pick up an application.

Some examples of our classes include:

1. Authenticity 

2. Shedding identity  

3. Unconditional love 

4.  Vedic Astrology

5. Dreams (what do they mean?)

6.  Food for a good mood

7. Twin Flames

8. Huna Philosophy

9. Human Design

10. Hatha Yoga

11. Transpersonal Psychology

12. Art Therapy

13. Children of the stars

14. Generating Abundance 

15. Automatic writing

16. Astrology and Consciousness 

17. Making Connections

18. Mindfulness for busy people

19. Awareness and the presence of Now

20. Healthy ego and your inner child

21. Spirituality and Relationships

Before I asked more questions about Mystic, I wanted to know what originally brought Dragon to SL.  The stories people share about their introduction to SL are unique and interesting.  I posed the question to Dragon and he told me “Actually it was following a sojourn into south India in a time I was not working and trying to find myself, I came across the concept of a community free of money and material concerns focused on developing aspiration for growth and unity and creating a sense of belonging. I came to SL with this concept in mind and wanting to bring it to manifestation so that I could also learn skills that would better my professional real life. Venus states she came to SL out of pure curiosity. 

It is fantastic to see someone who came to SL so many years ago still working on their original goals.  In fact, Dragon and Venus have seen their dream grow along with SL.  Mystic is very keen to emphasize diversity.  I asked Dragon What Mystic means by “celebrating diversity”.  He responded, “We are all walking different paths in life, with different experiences and goals and different cultural backgrounds, age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and ability/disability – we seek to make bridges between people to get better understanding and seeing what we have in common.”  To receive notices of events at Mystic Academy, join their main group.  There is no cost to join the group, it is free to all interested.  Joining information in contacts below.

SEERSHA: What would you tell someone visiting Mystic the first time?

Dragon and Venus:  “To get to know us better, and hopefully find something resonant in what we do. I would also ask them to consider our basic values of respect for each other. We would like to feel as they are home and to join our Friday circle. Come as you are. You will be accepted.  I would most likely pass them our “about us” notecard. 

SEERSHA: If you could bring any celebrity into sl, to live and to assist at Mystic, who would you pick and why?

Dragon and Venus:   “great question …. there are so many spiritual celebrities at the moment and film ones too that are entering this terrain… 

but I think what I really want is normal people with normal stories to come and help us as they are often extraordinary. They just need an interest in what we do and a willingness to want to help, we have a volunteer with us flyer we can share with anyone who wants to find out more. If there was anyone famous we would like to invite Teal Swan – We are sure she would encourage more authenticity and self exploration. 

I visited Mystic Academy to walk around and explore.  At Mystic, I read their notecard describing the group.  The notecard provides more of the information Dragon has spoken about today.  Mystic is an academy of learning, exploration, group conversation, quiet meditation and reflection.  An academy of social networks.  A place to connect like minds and consciousness.  Here among the peaceful foliage and décor, teachers and classes enjoy a safe, non-confrontational and supportive environment.  

I quickly learned that I may walk around the entire SIM and the surrounding area.  All areas are open for your exploration and interaction.  There are many objects which will interact with you.  Click on the various objects you discover on your walks.  Mystic is an exceptionally good choice for new or returning avatars to get their “second life” legs.  The interactions, explorations and safe environment allow each person to enjoy the surrounding as they learn.  

My experience began at the Landing Point.  At landing point is one of my favorite stops when walking around the Mystic.  They have an amazing library.   The diverse Mystic Academy Library contains transcripts and notecards with information about a variety of subjects.  Books discussing different religions and different ideals populate a great deal of the shelves.  Comfortable and welcoming it feels like a library IRL.  The main building also is the location of group and class information.  Next, I walked to the Circle.  This is where I attended my first meeting at Mystic.  The Circle is their gathering place to meet, to greet and to discuss various topics.  The Circle is a place to share stories from their individual lives and life path.  I encourage you to visit Mystic and experience the entire SIM.  There are surprises when you click on objects that I will not reveal here.

A recurring notice around the SIM is that difference of opinion is an acceptable form of discourse, if it is aired respectfully and inclusively.  Dragon and Venus are serious about keeping this rule in place.  This creates a safe environment for all visitors.  I decided to ask the question:

SEERSHA:  Are you a hippie?

Dragon and Venus:  We are ordinary people trying to build bridges.  We do not identify myself with any specific terms or labels, We do sympathise Hippies and the Eastern philosophy they embraced. Their colorful  fashion and open mindedness. We appreciate their revolution attempts and the message they were sending out on misuse of weapons. We loved their exploration of altered states of consciousness. 

Ordinary?  Neither Dragon or Venus are even close to “just an ordinary person” in any measurement.  While doing research on this story, I learned of other talents the couple share.  Venus is an intuitive Tarot and Oracle reader both in SL and RL.  Dragon is certified Vedic Astrologer.  They both do readings preferring to do them together.  She tells of miracles.  “We live in a blue planet that circles around the ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don’t believe in miracles??” says Venus.  She also provides some advice for life in her picks.  Venus says about Dragon: : “This extraordinary person came into my life when i least expected  and brought such an incredible present to my being.  He became my best friend, my loving partner and the most impressive  teacher on my path to self discovery. Love him the same as i do myself and wish all the best for him in all times. Always thankful for the time spent with.

Of Venus, Dragon says ““In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”  Both are devoted to each other and their joint cause and are “Twin Flames”.

Since the opening, Mystic has expanded socially via partnerships with other Groups in SL such as Whole Brain Health, Rhi’s Philosophical Circle, Free Spirit Farms amongst others. Mystic has also set up a Tribal Quest adventure game in partnership with Whole Brain Health. 

However, you connect to the universe, Dragon and Venus probably have a class or a meeting that you will enjoy. If you are looking for something for your mind or your soul, ask Dragon or Venus about it.  They are both friendly and quick to answer questions any time they are online.  Now that you have finished reading this, go to Mystic Academy:

Mystic Academy



Secondlife Group Description [Free]:


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Tally musician: Making Wonderful Music” – “Seersha Heart

Seersha: Tally thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Tally: Thanks for asking me! I’m always humbled by people wanting to listen to me or know about me. It’s a bit crazy really lol.

Seersha: Our readers will enjoy getting to know you.  There is a rumor you were a fashion optmista at one time.  Please share your story of Tally enters SL.

Tally:I first joined SL in 2009. A friend of mine had joined and was creating animations and asked me to do some graphics for him. So I joined and soon began designing clothes – back when it was all texture based. I’ve been singing in SL on and off for the last 7 years. I sang to a few of my friends on voice and they encouraged me to do a show. A close friend invited a friend of his who happened to  manage live acts in SL, and the rest is History.

Seersha:Tell me about your followers, your fans.  What do you think they enjoy most about your performances?  Which instruments do you play?

Tally: I’m quite uncomfortable calling them fans. They are friends who come to my show to enjoy hanging out and listening to some music. I don’t know. I can’t quite handle the idea of having Fans lol. I try to make my shows as real as I can. I try to be as authentic as I can.

*I’m an emotional guy and that will come through in my music.* If I am feeling happy and energetic, then so will my music, likewise, if I am feeling more melancholy, then my music tends to run much deeper with much more feeling. It’s a way for me to express how I am feeling. I think that’s what people like about my shows.

They are authentic and because of that I always connect with people. almost every show someone will IM me afterwards telling me how something in my music has touched them, the way I sing something, or just the feelings they have when I am singing. Music is so powerful, and maybe because I recognize that, I use it positively, and people recognize that. A rapper called Toby Mac says, “Music takes words to a place that words can’t go on their own”. I play lots of instruments, but in SL I play acoustic Guitar and Keyboards.

Seersha: When did you first begin performing in SL?  Is that venue still on the grid?

Tally: My first show was at a club I owned in SL – there were only a few of us and I only did 30 minutes as I didn’t have enough material to fill 1 hour lol.

My first regular show though, I remember well. It was at a venue called The Lost Continent, owned by Jodi Dubratt. I played after SaintessLarnia, who still performs sometimes in SL. It was so amazing. There was such a great crowd there and we all had so much fun. I was able to develop as a singer there so much and had so much help from Saintess, AM Forte and their manager at the time Lingual Markus, as well as my own manager Ryleigh. They were always so good to me, even when I screwed up (which happens a lot lol).

Seersha: What would you consider success for a new singer in SL?  What qualities would you recommend for someone new to singing in SL?

Tally:  What is the measure of success? Society today would tell you it’s money – but money is not the measure of success in RL or in SL. A person’s wealth is not in their possessions, but in their ability to affect those around them positively.

Success is when you can connect with those listening to you. That is what will bring them back to your shows. You don’t need to have 50 or 60 listeners. You just need to make a connection. Be authentic and real – feel the music and mean what you sing!

In SL, nobody can see you, so you have to make that emotional connection just through your voice and that is harder. You have to imagine that everyone is looking at you and you have to perform to your screen – give everything, and you will receive it back.

Seersha:  I like your description of success.  Here is a hard question: How would you describe yourself?

Tally:  Wow haha – that is a difficult question. I think about myself a lot HAHAH. I am super critical of myself. I’m my most severe critic, so it’s hard to describe me lol. I guess I would say I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am honest and loyal. I have no room in my life for hate. The phrase I am using lately for my RL work is “Love built this!” – I would like to think people look at me say that – they’d say – “hey there’s Tally – Love built that”. haha – that’s my life’s goal anyway.

Seersha: I think I will pass that along at your next show.  “Hey there’s Tally – Love built that” is fantastic thought!
Let’s dish: what was the funniest thing that ever happened while you were on stage?  Have you had any outlandish acts from an admiring female avi?  These are two things I have heard that most male performers in SL experience.

Tally: Ah man – there have been so many shows that have had me in stitches laughing so hard, even in the middle of songs. It’s usually what is written in local chat! I’ve done a few shows drunk over the years too lol. I can’t remember any of them, but I’m pretty sure they were hilarious haha.  I don’t think I’ve had any outlandish acts from admiring female Avi’s lol – I’m usually the outlandish one lmao. I’ve had a lot of comments and IM’s I guess – but they are all harmless. It’s always very flattering to hear your voice is sexy, or your accent is hot lol – but that’s where it ends. I love everyone who makes the effort to come to my shows and support me with their hard earned Lindens.

Tally: I perform lots of different songs from various styles of music, but I try my best to put my own spin on them so that they suite my style of guitar and my voice. I like slowing down fast songs, although I do like a fast song now and again. I sing very chilled out songs from people like Sleeping At Last, Ed Sheeran, and then my own spin on some dance anthems from Bastille and Calvin Harris etc. It’s eclectic.

Seersha: Do you take requests from your fans?  Is each performance a specific genre or do you mix it up?

Tally:   I do take requests yes. I also have a list of songs that people request that I don’t know and I try to learn them for another time If I can or if I think it’s suitable for me. I do all genres, but like I say – I try to make it all my own, so hopefully the style of the songs will be pretty similar.

Seersha: If I want to attend a performance, where should I go?  How does someone reach you who wants to book you?  [Readers I have attended many of his shows, this is for you]

Tally:  The best way is to join my group, which you can find in my profile, or keep an eye out on my website: and Song List Here; You can make contact about booking etc there also.

Seersha:I will chime in and say that joining your group or hitting that Google Calendar are the Best ways. You never spam send group messages.  You send the perfect amount.  All his contact information is at the bottom of the article.  I would add that his sl name when you search is Tallyesin or until the holidays are over “Jingle Tally’s Bells”
Seersha:What would you like to tell or to share with your fans? Tally? [anything you wish; plans for the future; what you do in world when not performing; what you enjoy most about fans; etc]

Tally:I love you all. You’re the best bunch of crazies anyone could wish for haha. I am trying to play more in SL to support what I am doing in RL too, which is more music and the support I get from everyone is incredible and it gives me the confidence to do what I do in RL.

Don’t ever be scared to reach out to me and chat – I love people and I love spreading love and positivity, and I know so many wonderful people here in SL – there is always hope and there is always someone willing to listen. Don’t ever be alone – come to a show and enjoy good music while hanging with good people. Always be kind to one another and believe in love. It is necessary.

Seersha: Thank you for your time Tally, I wish you all the best with your promising career.

 Tally: Thank you so much Seersha. It’s been great chatting to you. <3

Take a look at his google calendar and see when he is playing next.  He is on UK time so look for concerts in midafternoon to early evening.  He is exactly as nice as he sounds in person.  I attended a show this past weekend and one of his fans requested “the boob” song.  I contacted Tally and asked him what was this song?

Tally: haha – The boob song was written by a comedian called Rodney Carrington. Someone showed it to me once and asked me to cover it. So I did – it’s not my normal type of song, but Jorr (my manager) quite often insists on it, and who am I to deny him his wishes?

Additional info:

Song List  Song List

Google Calendar  Tallyesin Resident

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Picture Perfect: Jackson Redstar Videographer – Seersha Heart Reporting…

 I spoke with Jackson Redstarof  He is a seasoned SL resident with a little bit of experience in almost everything.  He is now one of the hottest videographers in SL posting music videos with original choreography, SL Events [such as weddings] and some SL Advertising.  I will ask him about some of his work and his ideas in our interview.  I wonder how many of you had seen or heard of machinma and do not know what it is…we will be speaking about that today too.  Let’s welcome Jackson.

Seersha Heart: Jackson, thank you for agreeing to share your art with the readers of SL Enquirer.

Jackson:  Thank you for interviewing me

Seersha Heart:     I learned of your videography when a facebook friend shared your Comfortably Numb video.  I visited your youtube page and I was blown away by your diversity and the sheer volume of your work.  Of course, I subscribed to your page right away.  Let’s begin with something basic to help the readers get to know you.  How did you originally come to live in SL?  Any experience you wish to share?

Jackson: I came in SL in 2007, when it was featured on a CSI NY show had to go check it out and never left. I’ve done all sorts of things over the years from combat RP to western RP where I RP’d as a Native American, I spent over year here as a big ole fat bear, I tried building a bit built a few houses back in the day then got into photography when I finally had a strong enough laptop to handle the load

Seersha: When did you first begin filming in SL?  Do you film in other virtual worlds?

Jackson: I believe it was about 2 years ago or so I started getting into the filming, and at the time I used Windows Movie Maker, then I decided I wanted to shoot weddings as I was already photographing them, so I sat down and learned Adobe Premiere.

I did, I believe, (create)  the first ever music video in Sansar, Queensryche – Silent Lucidity. Not a big fan of Sansar, yet. While graphically amazing, it is just all set. The user can’t change anything in the environment and the cam controls arrgh!

Seersha:  Sansar has so far been “the greatest thing that isn’t” to me.  All those promises.  Getting back to you, from what I was able to see on your youtube page, this is a business of yours in rl and sl.  Do you have an sl store or location people may visit?

Jackson: I used to in RL do Real Estate photography on the side though not any more. As far as a store here, no, all my work relies on word of mouth. My ‘store’ is youtube and flickr.

Seersha:  Tell me about the computer you use for filming.  It is my understanding to film as you do requires a durable computer. What kind of computer are you running on?  Will you share the software you use?

Jackson: I used to do my work on a pretty strong Dell laptop, but it really struggled shooting weddings and got very hot, so I decided I needed a desktop. Here I have to thank Strawberry Signh I have been a follower of her for a while and she wrote a piece on what her computer was with all the components, so I basically followed her list and built my desktop. In a nutshell, it is a core i7, 16 gigs of ram and a Nvidia GTX 970, and I use 2 monitors, a 27” inch ISP, and a standard 23” inch monitor.

For editing and color grading, I currently use Adobe Premiere Pro, and sometimes use After Effects. Used to use SpeedGrade for colorizing, but sadly Adobe jettisoned that and put it all inside of Premiere.

Seersha:  Years ago the programs used most for videography were Fraps and Bandicam.  What requirements does a software need to meet for you to use it?

Jackson: I uses fraps for screen record. I like software that is reliable and easy to use with a logical UI. I have been using Adobe since we installed photoshop with like 15 disks, so all of their software the UI is roughly the same so it is easy to learn a new Adobe product.

Seersha:  What does it mean to capture pictures in SL?  Will you explain the process of what you are recording?

Jackson: Well, in Fraps, you record the entire active screen, so you need to set your screen size to the appropriate ratio. for full 16:9 HD, that is 1920×1080, and that setting is found in the advanced menu. I also use what is known as a virtual flycam that works like a 3D mouse, but uses the keyboard to move the cam. It was a beta when I installed it, and it appears the guy who created it gave it up. But on that I can turn off the HUDS and UI for recording, otherwise, you need to use keyboard shortcuts to do that.

Optimally I want to get at least 12fps so I can move the camera smoothly – often at weddings that isn’t possible. Movies are usually set at either 30 or 24 fps. Recording our screen of SL we are basically taking  x amount of snapshots per second so if a sim will give you 30fps, it is taking 30 snapshots per second and everything should be pretty smooth. If I want to do some slomo in post, it needs to get up to about 60 fps at least for smooth slomo in post. But lag is almost present, so I have to work with what I got. The more lag the slower I can move the cam without jitter. Sometimes just a still video then I can scale up a little in post to give the appearance of a slow zoom in.

Because I use the software flycam, often I need to set up the shot first, get the right angle zoom in turns, etc then record it, or in some cases I might be zooming through a scene and do the turns and adjust height etc on the fly. Not nearly as easy as using a 3D mouse to do that kind of camera work.

Then there is the whole issue of poses and animations and body parts going through things and other people, clothing breaking in some poses etc… so the angles have to be chosen carefully to hide that or at least minimize it if I can.  I use one HUD that can change the pose of an avi on a pose, works even on animated poses as long as the priority isn’t too high. I also use the Lumi Pro Hud a lot, for either lites on an avi that can be worn or using the projector lamps which can be used to add color lights in a scene or spotlight an avi. They can be either rezzed or attached to the avi.

Seersha:  I can tell that your process is second nature to you now.  It sounds complicated to me.  I recently worked with a photographer on a full-blown shoot.  I had no idea all the items that had to be “just right” to take the pictures.  Makes my screen shots seem a bit lazy 🙂   On your YouTube page, are the types of things you will record and upload for viewing?

Jackson: Being on youtube, of course, cannot be anything adult. Even though I may have had the occasional accidental nip slip (woops). But I enjoy doing music videos, sometimes they are just fun, others I try to weave a story into it. And I really do like doing wedding videos for couples. I like to be able to capture their special virtual day for them and they can watch it and share it any time with people outside of the virtual world. Some of the comments I get, usually from brides, makes it all worthwhile.

Besides that, I also have been doing adverts for some vendors and events

Seersha:  How long does it take for you to edit a, say, wedding you film?

Jackson: That can all vary on the wedding but usually a few hours. The couple select the music track they want used and how many songs, then I edit to the music. But editing film from SL is 2 parts – the editing of the footage, then color grading. I like to get it about 95% what I want inworld, I create a new windlight for every wedding I do, then enhance it further in color grading. And until just recently, uploading has always been a nightmare. My broadband upload speed was painfully slow, like 85kbs, which is barely faster than 1990s dial up, so a 8 minute video could take at least 7 hours to upload. I’ve shot a couple hour long events for people that took almost 4 days to upload!

Seersha: GASPS

Jackson: Music videos that can be a whole different story. I always edit to the music, but some is simple editing and simple cuts, and some are really wild like with my Physcosocial by Slipnot video. I tend to do a lot more color grading in music videos as well to try to set a particular mood or feeling for that scene.

Seersha:  My favorites on your page is Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd Second Life and Blue Ain’t Your Color Second Life.  What drew me to Blue was the name and then I look and it is in black and white.  Clever!  I would consider Blue to be artistic, not really a music video.  Will you tell me a little about this video?  The inspiration?

Jackson: Well I was thinking what other genres of music I could do, I really am a metal head, so was searching country music and heard this song. When I listen to some songs I might get a story pop up in my mind and I start piecing it together mentally. Keith Urban shot that in BW and that sparked the idea, never having done a SL music video in BW before, which believe me, is much harder than you would think. After that it was recruiting an actress (I was the mean jerk BF in that video) and finding animations – which can be one of the most time-consuming parts to creating a music vid. I have a pretty big inventory of LMs so I already had some locations in mind. And often when shooting I’ll listen to the music over and over. I’m not a storyboarder – everything is in my head.

Seersha:  Sounds like you have a full head **laughs**.  What viewer do you use?  Is Black Dragon(BD) your favorite?

Jackson: I used to use Black Dragon all the time, back even when it was Nirans. But I think a lot of the recent changes in SL made it a little more unstable, and for doing machinima Firestorm’s phototool panel is first rate. I crashed a couple times at a wedding on BD so after that it was always Firestorm. I go back now and then and use BD and it seems it has been updated a lot, it is, in my opinion, still better graphics, the shadow system is better and DOF is better, and of course there is Tone Mapping which is fantastic when shooing really dark scenes. But my everyday viewer and Weddings is Firestorm. But again, knowing how to do color grading in post, I can enhance the look of any footage so the advantages BD may have graphically is more ‘straight out of the camera’.

Seersha: How would you define machinma?  Videography in SL?  Just an example for a simple thinker like myself.

Jackson:                I personally dislike the word machinima. It sounds steam punkish. To me, this is videography. We might not have the actual camera, but we can change the camera lens zoom like in RL, we can add fill lighting, zoom, pan and  sweep the camera  – almost everything one would do in RL videography.. And of course one advantage here is that at weddings, we can sit in the back row, get great footage, and not be in anyone’s way or annoy  the officiant!

Seersha: I take videos in world using Quicktime screen capture.  Would it be any value to edit and to process it?  It is probably the worst quality.

Jackson:  I tried camtasia early on I just didn’t like the whole interface. For some it works perfectly. I just prefer Fraps as it is very light, easy to use, and captures standard .avi files, which is uncompressed video footage. But those would be the only 2 programs I tried for capture here.

Almost all footage needs to be edited in some fashion to make a final video. And yes to have the ability to do some minor color correction as brightness, contrast,  temperature would be nice too. I sometimes help someone who vlogs and uses Camtasia studio – and while 99% of the videos turn out great as she uses good windlight in world, on some rare occasions when color correction is needed that is not available in that software. There are some other editors i have looked at that do those basic functions at a fraction of the cost of using Adobe software.

Seersha:  I have one last question for you, at least for now.  Is there anything, advice, information, that you would like to pass along to our readers?

Jackson: I wish more people did video in SL. It seems vastly under appreciated. Everybody does photos and there are hundreds of awesomely talented photographers, but not very much in the way of video. And sadly, the most popular SL videos are the lame trolling videos. We are seeing more and more videos now as vlogging has started taking off which is great.

But keep in mind that what sometimes can take RL CGI people months to create a ‘virtual world’ or colorize a film in a unique way, a lot of that is at our fingertips in SL. We can create almost any avi we need, we can defy gravity, we can jump off of the tallest skyscraper and never break a leg. We can create the atmosphere and lighting to almost anything we can dream up. We may be limited with the ability to “act” and we have to find animations for everything, but Bento is now getting the acting up to speed. I’d like to see more people give video a shot makes it as big as photography is today in SL. And that right now can also be one of the frustrating parts of doing video in SL, is putting all the time and effort and even money into doing a vid, for it to get maybe 200-300 views. There is editing software out there that is really good and not nearly as expensive as Adobe software and tons of tutorials on youtube on all aspects of video editing and color grading as well.

And I wanted to add one more thing about Youtube and copyrighted music as there is so much misinformation about this. Youtube has an extensive database of almost every song one can think of and have a policy for usage rights that the copyright owner sets. Just search for the song then look at its usage rights. Most will be viewable worldwide. Some might restrict certain countries and oddly enough, on certain devices like mobile phones, and very few are not permitted to use at all. No need to say anything in the description, Youtube’s Content Aware knows exactly what music that was uploaded and sets the policy for it. The link is Of course, one can always use attribution music which there is a lot out there, just give the artist credit in the description.

Seersha:  Thank you for chatting with me today.  So you heard him readers; let’s check out some video taken in SL then give it a try ourselves.

Contact Info:

Twitter: @jacksonredstar

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Thanksgiving. What’s the Big Deal? Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

This parody article is back by popular demand,

Thanksgiving is observed in the United States,Canada, Puerto Rico, Liberia and Norfolk Island on the fourth Thursday of November. This year it falls on the 23th day of the month.

The holiday includes a gathering of family and friends for the great feast of the season. Traditionally, tables are laid out like a buffet of turkey, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, gravy and all sorts of other family recipes passed down from generations.

Today, the meal is usually followed by some football, snacks and beer. The whole day seems to revolve around food and entertaining house guests or house hoppin’ for pickings.
But really… what is Thanksgiving about?

I sat down with Pilgrim Pete and Chief Roughneck to ask them about this holiday and get both perspective on how it came about. 

Interview with a Pilgrim and an Indian

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BREAKING NEWS! IT’S HALLOWEEN! Tights is the trending new costume for men in Second Life… Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Is that Peter Pan…. a pirate?…. perhaps a drag queen?…. No wait! It’s just a man in tights!
Have no fear Second Life residents, male ballerinas are not swan dancing across the grid to demasculinize an entire community this Halloween.  So,  let’s not jump to any conclusions.  Most  tight pants wearing men are happily married or involved with the opposite sex. Today is no different.
They fear not a feminine twist to their ensembles because they give zero fux what others think of them, especially on Halloween. But they ought to worry about the severe chafing, heat rashes, in particular in the grundle area, and other  SL health problems associated with fabrics that are to tight or abrasive.

 This is news worth reporting in a dying virtual community of minimalists who waddle the grid in search of freebies, sugar daddies, drama or meaningless sloppy sex in an unmeshed body.  This year, they are getting rid of the superhero capes and going to the extreme.
The whole  idea of tights is a way for men to show off their junk without really whipping it out and getting banned from the more uptight venues on the grid. Whatever the reason for the sudden Halloween trend, men across the grid are practicing tighism with pride and partying like nobody’s business.

The SL Enquirer was on the scene at one Halloween party when one mesh avie split his spray painted on jeggins whilst attempting a black flip split at the “Rock that Bod” Dance off Spectacular. He won the grand prize of 50 lindens and a gift certificate to a local clothing store.

 Another man complained of circulation issues surrounding his twig and berries while doing the electric slide while  another brave man did the running man to display his extra flexible pleather physics addition.

One party goer who wished to remain anonymous suggested it was a form of  effective male birth control before getting backhanded by his visibly pregnant girlfriend.
Another comment came from the restroom area. The voice sounded very similar to Mickey Mouse struggling to pulls his tights back up from a potty break.

At the exit a man was seen being escorted out of the club by three bouncers because he displayed a grotesquely lopsided cameltoe.
Rumor has it he was concealing a rubber chicken in his pants and threatening to cock slap the bartender.

The night quickly came to an end when a fist fight broke out between three females dressed like washed up Pussycat dolls who had a disagreement about the assortment of patterns being displayed by the men in tights.

Things are really heating up for Halloween and getting out of control.
Keep a close watch and you will see just how extremely sexy or obscenely horrific the men in tights look at your Halloween part as they strut on by in all their glory.

Be sure to drop to your knees and praise them either way. Let them know the SL Enquirer fully supports the movement or lack thereof. We know it is an acquired taste but we believe in short time, they will hang up the tights for business suits and redeem themselves of the “WTF was I thinking” moment they had in Second Life for Halloween.

This article is ridiculous and for shameless entertainment purposes only.  

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Second Pets is the Grid’s newest and latest real effect and motion breedable Fish. Mena Fiertze Reporting…

Long ago in the waters of Second Life® many species of fishes evolved.  Second Pets™ has saved some of these species from an unknown fate and domesticated them for fish enthusiasts.

When fish breed the offspring have eyes and color determined by their parents traits. Two parents with rare traits have a greater chance of producing rare traits in their offspring. Older fishes also have a greater chance of producing rare traits.

Coming soon are RGB Fishes. RGB Fish parentsblend their colors to create offspring that are a blend of the parent’s colors. They will be available in the near future. 

The best part is customer service with risk free purchases and 100% satisfaction

SLE met with the developer and asked how the idea came to be and what customers can expect from this new and innovative pet.

SLE – Can you inform our readers what the inspiration is behind Second Pets?

Second Pets™ The real inspiration was to see if I could make fish that could swim so I got some fish sculpts and went to work. I decided to make breedable pets in Second Life.

Being SL, weird things happened when the fish flew out of the tank. Fish still fly out of the tank sometimes but now they teleport back to the tank.

Second Pets store is located in a beautiful Japanese Garden. All are welcome to visit the garden to relax and take pictures.

When was Second Pet established?


How many locations in SL?

There are 2 Locations – The main store) and Nikki & Vee’s Multi-Breedable Market/Auction Prestige

SLE – How has activity/sales been over these past years?

We just got started a couple months ago so we haven’t got a lot of traffic yet so we are looking at a good launch with the Enquirer.

SLE – What can customers expect in dealing with Second Pets? What will their experience be like?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee simply return the fish and we’ll give you a refund on fish bought from us so you can try them risk free. When purchasing tanks you can resize the tanks. Our first species are Koi and we’ll have 3 more soon.

SLE – What has been most fun in putting together your stores?

Making the fish was the most fun. They have a web server that keeps track of them. Should SL lose one we can replace it if the owner has the UUID and it’s all covered on our website

We are developing angel fish, clownfish, and Japanese snapper are coming and RGB fish, the offspring are a blend of the parents colors so an almost infinite range of colors is possible

SLE – How does Second Pet stack up when you consider all the competition for attention in SL? Such as Breedables as you mentioned etc.,

There are lots of other breedables but Second Pets fishes are the only swimming fish I looked all around SL and found one other brand of fish, and I didn’t see them swim the demos just sat there, so Second Pets fish are unique. Some of them swim in a circle or an set pattern but Second Pets are the only ones I know of that swim randomly like real fish, and remember you can try second pets fish risk free

SLE – Is there anything else about Second Pets that you would like to share with our readers?

Updates are free forever, which is as long as we exist and we are looking to a long durable business in Second Life.
Additional Information:

and a subscribomatic list.

There are terminals for the list is in the main store

and at Nikki & Vee’s Multi-Breedable Market/Auction

Second Pets™ Koi fish eggs are now available at the Second Pets™ Store

Its all covered in our website 

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