Tamara’s World

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from Dreamland Tamara’s Lovers Gacha @ Imaginarium
1.DD Tamara’s Lovers Chaise-Adult Ultra Rare
2.DD Tamara’s Old Fireplace Rare
3.DD Egg Toast Plate Rare
4.Cutlery Cup
5.DD House Plant Basket
6.Round Sidetable
7.Tamara’s Vibrant Rug
8.Round Floor Stool
9.DD Tamara’s Lamp
10.Skandi House Candle Decor
11.DD Bicycle Vases
12.Vibrant Feathers Art
13.Pastel Feathers Art
14.DD Sticks & Stones Art

from MADRAS Tiffany Set @ Main Store
MADRAS Tiffany Table Decor
MADRAS Tiffany TNT Decor
MADRAS Tiffany Flower Jar Decor
MADRAS Tiffany Letter Jar Decor
MADRAS Tiffany Glass Bottle Decor
MADRAS Tiffany Bowl Decor
MADRAS Tiffany Stool Decor
MADRAS Tiffany Mirror Decor

from Yokai – My little Succulent Set @ Flora
Yokai – My little Succulent -Succulent piglet(green/peach)
Yokai – My little Succulent -Succulent piglet(green/pink)
Yokai -My little Succulent -Succulent piglet(green/gold)
Yokai -My little Succulent -Succulent piglet(gold/purple)
Yokai -My little Succulent -Succulent piglet(Red Dragon)
Yokai – CactusPlush – Blooming Baby Stand (yellow set)

Nutmeg. Pile of Vinage books Group Gift

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