After spending 3 days click click clicking the landmark I finally managed to get in today.  So, what did I think?  Well initially after zooming out all 3 tiers of the sim I thought WOW this looks great! The layout is easy to follow and the lag was not as bad as I expected.  However, on beginning my trek (hard going in 6 inch heels in all that snow!) I did notice that some of the stuff was regurgitated from other winter/festive collections around SL.  I was slightly disappointed to be honest.

Alot of gatchas, but I am partial to those so I don’t mind so much.  Plenty of everything really, hair, skins, clothing, nic naks, furniture, but, nothing that actually jumped out at me (apart from the dodgy looking penguins).

So basically, if you haven’t visited any other fairs over the last few weeks you’ll probably find something here to your liking.  If you’ve been to them all, you may leave feeling like I did.  But please don’t let that put you off visiting.  Afterall, shopping IS shopping ;p.

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1 thought on “THE SEASONS STORY

  1. I wasn’t impressed – there seems to be lots of stuff stood in mid air or blank walls stood on piles of snow. Nothing seemed to rez for me at all – tried changing my draw distance, network bandwidth but whilst the SIM looked lovely, I couldn’t see what was for sale 🙁

    This was 10:25am so 2:25am SLT and there were only 15 AVies on the sim – not impressive at all 🙁

    ETA: I relogged and some more stuff re-appeared but this is reminiscent of old SL Fairs – I thought we’d got passed this?

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