Urgent Care Center

We live what is considered remote in RL.  I visit Urgent Cares often with my children.  I picked up this build out of sheer curiosity and I was impressed at the detail of The Urgent Care Center by DB Homes.  It is actually a fully furnished building consisting of 280 prims.  It includes the landscaping on the outside (except the grass pictured), a waiting room, an office, a pharmacy window, three exam rooms and an employee room.  It is a 100% original mesh build.  With a few extra furnishings it could be a fully functional unit.

I found some scrubs on market place and asked my friend Lady to come do a photo with me.  We used Reina Photography's FR009 pose (with out the sheet) for our nurse photo.  We even had a photo bomber who need Urgent Care services or so he said lol.  Both the building and the pose can be found at the current round of Boardwalk.

Urgent Care Center Building

Front Desk

Main Exam Room

Helpful Nurses

Our Photo Bomber
Building | DB Homes - Urgent Care Center*
Pose | Reina Photography - FR009
Nurses Outfit | Full Perm Mesh
Stethoscope | City Builders - Stethoscope for Nurses and Doctors

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